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Keeping this website up and running has been my nemesis for the last 5 years. I’m trying to get the old joomla site over to the new wordpress site. Fortunately, all of the content was saved in word files but outlines just don’t look good any more. The age of the tablet has taken over and I need to reformat …

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Cerebrum Anatomy

  Test Page (Bear with me I know this is not complete…) Rhoton Anatomy Cerebrum I. Hemispheres a.     Separated by the longitudinal fissure (interhemispheric fissure) b.     Connected by the corpus callosum lateral and merge inferiorly with the diencephalons c.     Encase the lateral and third ventricle d.     Three surfaces i.     Lateral- referred to as the convexity faces the cranial cap laterally …

Joseph MillerCerebrum Anatomy

Miller Neurosurgery

Welcome to the new site. The site is currently underdevelopment and will be up and running soon.

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