Topics for the Podcast

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Here is a list of potential Podcast topics

  1. Arteriovenous Malformations– ARUBA Trial
  2. Subarachnoid hemorrhage- Critical Care Management
  3. To Clip or to coil- Operative management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
  4. Anticoagulants in neurosurgery. Can we put this patient on lovenox?
  5. Hemorrhagic stroke and trials. STICH I/II, INTERACT I/II, MISTIE, CLEAR etc.
  6. Carotid occlusive disease and trials. NASCET, ACAS, COSS, CREST, etc. Talk about neurosurgeons versus vascular surgeons and the way we approach this disease with our greater understanding of cerebral vascular anatomy.
  7. What the IF? PLIF, TLIF, LLIF, OLIF, ALIF
  8. Hydrocephalus-we don’t understand this. New concepts. Ben Warf did a great talk at the HCP meeting earlier this year.
  9. Principles of intraoperative neuromonitoring-MEP, SSEP, BAER, facial nerve monitoring, EEG in CEA. Simplify these tools into practical and useful points for surgeons. “Three Things Rule”
  10. Acoustic neuromas-modes of treatment, monitoring, size concerns, approaches. SRS vs. surgery.
  11. Lumbar spinal operations: laminectomy, microdiscectomy. SPORT Trial
  12. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, laminoforaminotomy
  13. Tools of the trade: describing neurosurgery specific instruments. Penfields. Rhotons. Leksells and Kerrisons. Would be about how to use them and variations. May be best as a video-podcast. Could also talk about loupes and lights and lead and what brands/types we like. Other residents would be into the latter I think. As surgeons we all love tools and don’t really ever talk about them outside of the OR.
  14. Deep brain stimulation- STN, VIM, GPI
  15. Neuronavigation: frame and frameless stereotaxy, stealth, axiom. How they work. Setup. Tips and tricks. Pitfalls.
  16. Principles of localization for epilepsy resection. Each modality described with principles, technique, and overall localization strategy.
  17. What’s new in GBM. There are a lot of new trials and molecular data that would be useful to review. IDH, MGMT, EGFR-vIII. Northwest biotherapeutics trials. Etc.
  18. Principles of fundamental cranial operations: pterional, suboccipital, retrosigmoid. Both of the above would include indications/disease processes, positioning, opening and closing. Would perhaps have to split each operation into its own podcast.
  19. Third world neurosurgery. Could talk about the new trend for neurosurgeons to do “Doctors without borders” type work. Ben Warf. Barrow now has a thing in Nicaragua.
  20. Craniofacial pain and cranial neuralgias. TGN, GN, atypical facial pain (the junk pile diagnosis) and the three modes of treatment.
  21. Cervical spondylotic myelopathy- Laminectomy, laminectomy with arthrodesis, laminoplasty
  22. Endoscopic neurosurgery-pituitary, skull base, and even clival approaches.
  23. Cervical Spine Injury Guidelines-could review the top ones, or each guideline individually.
Joseph MillerTopics for the Podcast

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