Upcoming Podcast #3

We are going to mix things up a little bit with podcast #3. Last week we discussed arteriovenous malformations and Schmalzy went on a diatribe about BlueCross/ARUBA trying to kill patients with AVMs. This week will be more practical and we will discuss aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. The basic scenario we will be addressing is you have a 42 yo with …

Joseph MillerUpcoming Podcast #3

Maximally Invasive Teaching

Resident surgical education Tonight at Surgical Grand Rounds we had an interesting talk by Debra DaRosa. She is a PhD that specializes in resident surgical education and gives a compelling lecture. Her lecture was centered on several concepts. The basic idea was that people don’t learn if you just throw information at them. Like I mentioned in the introductory podcast, …

Joseph MillerMaximally Invasive Teaching

Upcoming AVM Podcast

Tomorrow we will be posting a new podcast. Podcast Topic: Arteriovenous Malformations Recommended Reading: AVM Pre-test    

Joseph MillerUpcoming AVM Podcast

Test and quizzes

I was working on a new practice test. Let me know what you think? We are going to expand the practice test to: Pre- and Post-podcast Board Review  

Joseph MillerTest and quizzes

Topics for the Podcast

LEAVE COMMENTS to request future topics Here is a list of potential Podcast topics Arteriovenous Malformations– ARUBA Trial Subarachnoid hemorrhage- Critical Care Management To Clip or to coil- Operative management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage Anticoagulants in neurosurgery. Can we put this patient on lovenox? Hemorrhagic stroke and trials. STICH I/II, INTERACT I/II, MISTIE, CLEAR etc. Carotid occlusive disease and trials. …

Joseph MillerTopics for the Podcast

This website

Keeping this website up and running has been my nemesis for the last 5 years. I’m trying to get the old joomla site over to the new wordpress site. Fortunately, all of the content was saved in word files but outlines just don’t look good any more. The age of the tablet has taken over and I need to reformat …

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